Let me tell you the REAL story

43 year old male with wife and 6 yr old son. Diagnosed young onset Parkinson's 2018. I can't work considered disabled, can't drive wife considers me helpless. Live with 60 yr old in-laws. Have own business trying to get out due to health reasons. Sorry how I type fingers shutting down for night.

Be prepared

COVID hasn't helped much as I can't drive or otherwise function. Wife has been a great care taker getting groceries for us all. My problem is that I have an advanced case of PD operating at a 70 yr old function physically and mentally. My wife controls meds, makes appts, etc. Great all I have to do is sleep and play video games. Not so. I was a very intelligent respected manager and student at Bed Bath Beyond, Toys R Us, Walmart, etc. Bachelors almost masters in accounting. I wake up, take 14 pills and try to exercise, video games. Also my wife and in-laws everything great situation not. There will come a time when enough is enough and you want to be heard or express your opinion. Don't do it trouble is on the way. PD sucks and that's life so be prepared.

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