16 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I was 65. At that time, my husband was in the mid stage of Lewy body dementia and it did not register with him. I asked my neurologist if anyone did not progress to the state we are all familiar with. She said “yes, about 10%”. I said “I will be in that 10%” My husband was at home for five more years and I was his caregiver.

Be encouraged

My Neurologist has treated me in a very conservative manner. I immediately started on Azilect. I also take (on her recommendation), 1200mg of co q 10 daily. My tremor was on the right side - leg and hand. Five years ago, I started on levodopa/carbidopa, three times a day. Two years ago, I had spinal fusion and at that time, started on nabilone 1 x a day. 5mg. My tremor is virtually gone. I sometimes add a 4th levodopa/carbidopa if I start to feel shaky in the late afternoon.

Exercise is important although I am a bit erratic about that.

Otherwise, I have no symptoms, no fatigue, good energy.

So, be encouraged if you are diagnosed. It is possible to be in the 10%.

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