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Added Disease to Parkinson’s

My husband has had PD for almost 6 years. Two months ago he was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. What we thought was a PD problem turned out to be from the MG. It is a rare and fatal disease and the doctor is hoping to get it into remission. It has affected all parts of his body that shows up as aching muscles.

It was diagnosed after his left eyelid would not open. After seeing 2 eye specialists we went back to the neurologist thinking it was from PD. He did a number of tests before we discovered it was MG. Now I have to face the possibility of an earlier death than we both thought.

I wish there were a PD support group for women in Tucson but the only one I found also was a support group for Alzheimer’s and it just didn’t work.

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  • Chris H. moderator
    6 months ago

    Hi, @azsheila – Thanks so much for sharing your story. This sounds like a very troubling time for you both. I can hear how difficult it’s been for both of you. Through the Parkinson’s Foundation, you may be able to find a support group near you by using this link: Additionally, we do have a caregivers forum on our site here: I hope this helps! Hope you’re having an easy day. – Chris, Team

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