Onward and Forward After Diagnosis

Roughly 5 years ago my hands started to shake. Soon there after I began spilling and dropping things, then breaking things. Interesting it never occurred to me that something was wrong. My loss of coordination became more obvious when I started to fall. Then I experienced festination gait my steps became shorter and faster I couldn't stop until I fell like my body was being controlled by an outside force.

I was in denial

Still no bells went off in my head, I thought it was my shoes. I stayed in my favorite place DENIAL for a while before I went to a neurologist. He diagnosed essential tremor. By that time I was fully awake and found a movement disorder specialist.

I fell on my face, broke my nose and broke my wrist, then my hip and pelvic bones spent 2 months in a rehab/nursing home.

I was prescribed c/l but couldn't walk. 15 months later of PT i could walk with a walker still dragging my feet. More PT, no more driving, cooking time seems to go backwards. Apathy, staring into space. Pain all the time.

Moving forward

But still fighting on walking better, tremor on and off, I hadn't expected any progress at all. Get PT if you can and do the work. My short term memory is impaired. My husband insists he can't hear me when I speak and I tell him to get his hearing checked. Onward and forward. Where else would I go?

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