In memory of my mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman

Last updated: June 2020

Our story is about our loss of my mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman due to Parkinson’s Disease. Her struggle daily with the disease and my efforts as her caregiver to try to find a cure or someway to help her but in the end I failed. However, in my current efforts I have succeeded as I have become an advocate in my mother’s memory at for awareness and hope for a cure.

Never forget her story

Since she passed on 1/1/2020 I do not sleep much as I lost a mother but my best friend from this terrible disease that she suffered from for decades and it caused us all pain and suffering for decades. I believe if we had more awareness then there would be a cure now and I am a voice for hope that others will not have to go through what my mother and my family did. I send memory bands out for support throughout the world in memory of my mother to never forget her story. Sharon’s son, George

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