Mandibular Muscle Issues and PD

Recently, I've been having some real issues with my occlusion lately which often results in me biting the insides (buccal surfaces) of my cheeks.

Some brief research revealed the following explanations:

  • Periodic accidental cheek biting. Although this might result in a canker sore, the occasional, accidental cheek bite is not a cause for concern.
  • Regular accidental cheek biting. If you accidentally bite down on your cheeks regularly — and more often than you would like — your teeth may not be in proper alignment or there may be something wrong with your jaw. Your dentist can advise you on this problem and may have an orthodontic solution, such as braces.
  • Cheek biting while asleep. This unintentional behavior can be addressed with a dentist-provided soft guard that prevents direct contact of your teeth with your cheek.

I'm in severe pain most days because of the canker sores caused by the biting issue. Does anyone else struggle with this issue? What have you done to try to control cheek biting? Any other suggestions?

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