No One is Actually Interested in Parkinson's

Listen. My story is about endings, not beginnings. Nor is it about suffering. It is about protest. So get real. I started my journey 16 years ago. It has been largely a terrible. disaster. "No one ever died of Parkinson's" was the quote given to me by many people along that route. To which I will answer this. No one died of Parkinson's disease, yet.

However, listen to this: Many died of disaffection, or many died of depression. Its causes are plain to see. No one is actually interested in Parkinson's disease because it is incurable. Why is it incurable? Because nobody is bothered to fund the research to solve it. It's the white elephant of charities. It's the forgotten one, the spurned condition suffered by many and not interested in by many.

Living with PD

The public have no interest in it. "Ohh it's just Parkinson's" they think to themselves, "Not really important" they think. Well, I say this to them: try living with it. Just try and see how you cope.

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