Karl’s History Day by Day

Last updated: May 2022

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It came as a shock to me I said here it goes again. I had just survived a colon cancer operation successfully (by the way I have been clear of cancer for 12 years now) but Parkinson’s was a new problem which I didn’t expect. I go from doctor to doctor and nobody had good news; all that was said was you have to live with it. Here are some pills, try this, try this one. I felt a Guinea pig.

Job and home changes

I take a pill every two hrs and try getting some sleep that way. My sleeping habit was bad; tossing and turning constantly that went on for a few years mean time I couldn’t control my job (business). In time I lost my job and then came my home on the market, gone to the highest bidder, down and out. My daughter called and said, dad come up north, we got a home for you and medicine is all in full coverage. So we did.

We have now fantastic service and home care regularly. Any med and all other like eyes, ears etc. I’m now on Duopa with a pump. I get twelve to sixteen hrs continuous med right into my stomach. If something serious comes up, med vac flies me to whichever hospital they want to send me. Like two years ago I broke my hip. A normal hip job takes 6 to 8 days because of my Parkinson’s it was that much longer. Many days or nights I wish that my life will end. It's a miserable life to live this for my all. The support I get I'm more grateful for my wife of 47 years. It’s tough for her. I don’t wish this on anyone. I’m tired now.

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