The hunt for answers... it's a long one.

It started as early as the 1990s. Eyes failing, fast heart rate, then loss of smell around 2006. My nerves went or so I thought around that time as well. Any anger or fear would cause my whole body to shake like a cold pup.

Acting out dreams

Moving along to a heart condition, followed come 2017, by extreme R.L.S and acting out in my sleep. Nearly hurting myself very badly when I flung myself out of bed in a dream. Again I did not talk with any doctors. Until I was having a shower when I noticed that my left arm was not following orders. It just stopped moving the way I needed it to. And so it was that I took all this to GP.

GP sent me for a sleep study that proved the R.L.S as well as the dream act. Next it's off to an M.D.S. or movement disorder specialist. A very young woman. I think she was liking me because she saw me 3 times before during my appointment I am reciting symptoms while she flips through medical journals. When she starts to laugh. "What?" She says, still laughing, "I've got it. You have Parkinson's disease." I told her that does not sound funny to me. And she says, "no, I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing because your (my) case had me stumped. And now I am so happy I know what is causing all these things."

I still don't know what was funny. That was '17. Now it's '22 and I can't find one person to help me on my journey. Oh my L.C.S.W. Is wonderful, once a week for 50 min.

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