Fluffy and Fatboy

Six or seven years ago when my husband was no longer able to drive, we began looking for a part time caregiver. That is when we found Reggie. My husband looks forward to Reggie Days. Reggie helps with hygiene and meds but more importantly Reggie loads my husband into our van and off they go. They supervised the building of the new Baylor stadium, they go eat cheeseburgers, they go to football games, they meet friends for lunch, they ride around. Reggie sometimes takes him to dr appointments, haircuts, pedicures, therapy appointments, dentist appointments, whatever. I have Reggie listed along with our children and myself as people who can consult with his doctors about my husband’s medical condition. Reggie calls my husband “Fatboy” and my husband calls Reggie “Fluffy.” Reggie is a CNA, and we did not find him through any agency. This friendship, arrangement has worked wonderfully for us. We have found a way for my husband to enjoy his independence and dignity plus to remain active in the community. Treatment or dealing with PD is a team effort. My husband’s doctors and therapists know Reggie. My husband’s team consists of a Movement Disorder Specialist, physical therapist, speech therapist, our family, our friends, and Reggie.

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