It all started about three years ago. I have Essential Tremors, so I assumed the tremor in my right hand was ET. No problem, I said to myself. Then my body began telling me something wasn’t right.

Denying Parkinson's symptoms

My balance was way off and I would sit down and the gloom set in. Then one day I saw a shadow of a person who wasn’t there. By now I was really worried and began reading about Parkinson’s; I was shocked to learn that I had a number of the symptoms listed in the articles, but I brushed it off, a common way to deny something.

Relieved at last

Four months ago, my neurologist performed the assessment and told me I have Parkinson’s and I was relieved to at last have a name to call what was happening to me. Thankfully, I am still able to function and carry on with my life.

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