My Family and Me with PD

It is a long journey of ten years leaving with PD. I worked as a child care worker. I was not diagnosed yet, though the symptoms were knocking on the door.


First shock was I have to quit my job as I couldn't take risk with little ones. And after diagnosed second shock was, when I read on the internet just one line "there is no cure for Parkinson's". This was my first time I felt myself completely broken and helpless.

Love and support

But very soon I found my family surrounded me with love and support. My husband is not very good in expressing his feelings but I can understand him without using the word. Usually I have seen him on his phone searching for the cure. My son and daughter are my biggest supporter and best friend.

The only thing is scary for me that I don't want to come in the way of their study and career. Recently I climbed the Harbour bridge with my awesome family and looking forward to do the many more adventurous.

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