Living with Parkinson's

Shirley {Grandma} Granddaughter Bailee

I have had Parkinson's for almost 4 or 5 years. I have been diagnosed. I have a lot of pain just get from a sitting position to start to walk. I worked 27yrs in a factory to check brazed leaks on the A-Coil line for Air Conditioners. I am not sure if this has caused me my Parkinson's or not but it has caused to to have breathing problems. This is just my belief.

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I am 75 will be 76 in June. Been Married for 50 yrs till 3 yrs ago when he passed in June. I have 1 Son Rick. 3 Grandchildren, I have had a wonderful life. I am with a Friend now. I do have a nice Apartment as well. Thinking of You...........Shirley

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