Hello my story

Hi everyone may I tell you my story...

I started writing down my memoirs with the intention of shocking my sons, you know how it is... they think life did not start till they arrived in the world. Ha ha. My writings have many twists and turns, as life does, and this is my Parkinson’s journey...

So this is my story, I was 54 when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, 7 years ago...

In hindsight it is difficult to say when I became aware something was not right in my world.

Falling on my face

Could have been the time I was walking to the carpark and stepped over a foot high wall and fell flat on my face before I knew I had even fallen! A lady ran over to me and asked if I was okay, I smiled back and said yes, just my pride is a bit sore. I sat in the car afterwards and said to myself how did that happen? I know I saw the wall, I know my brain acknowledged the idea to step over the wall, however appeared to forget to tell my left foot to follow through with the instruction!! How strange...

There was a time as I was walking, could feel myself leaning towards my left. There was a wall next to me and I put my hand out to steady myself. Thankfully, the wall was much higher than the one I tried to step over before.! No dizziness, just an inability to stand up without support.

I could see my car just 20 meters away. As quickly as it came on it disappeared, and I made a dash for the car. The relief to get in and sit down was immense. I had a drink and sat for 10 minutes or so and drove home. It never happened again.

Or the fact my left foot/leg shook. I am sure people in public thought I needed the toilet. As I danced about in queues. My sons joked about it and said “if you didn’t lean up against something would you just go around in a circle indefinitely." I did not try it I may add.

Trembling book

I used to pick my grandchildren up from school on an afternoon. Half an hour before the bell rang, I would park in my favourite spot under a cherry tree. I enjoyed hearing the noise of the cherries bouncing on the roof as I drove under it. Even the grandchildren asked for this spot. Funny I used to feel disappointed if someone else was parked there when I arrived.

I arrived early so I could read my book... So there I was book in hand and started to read. Only to find the book was trembling. I can recall thinking... you have got to be joking, first my leg and now this. How can I possible have a trapped nerve in my arm and leg.??

I think I need this checking out.!

Next time it is the joy of the first Doctor’s visit.

Love Esme

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