Diagnosed at 33

I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson about 5 years ago, when I was 33 years old. I'm tired of taking medication. It seems like that's all I do Sinmet 25/100 4 X a day, Mirapex ER .375 2X a day, and Benztropine 0.5mg 2X a day. I also get Botox injections every three months in my shoulder, neck, and behind my ear. Anything to try and get relief from pain and stiffness. My neurologist said I have to limit the amount of dopamine I get because I am so young and I have to space it out over my lifetime. I don't share with my employees whats wrong. Even when it's really noticeable. I know people don't understand and they are quick to say why are you shaking or are you nervous? REALLY!!

We had a team building day at work and one of the stops was a game where you had to be blindfolded and they turned you in a circle. (I wasn't going to be left out) You had to put a sticker on a board being guided by only your teams voice. Well not only being twirled around, but having my arm out, I was a stumbling mess (bad move thinking I should try). My gait was way off and my tremors were very noticeable. I had cut that game off before I fell in front of everyone. So being 38 now and seeing myself slowly getting worse sucks. My true friends understand and we can laugh at things. We went for drinks one night and the bartender brought my drink out and it was almost to the brim. My girlfriends looked at me, the glass, and back at me. I asked for a straw and sat it on the table. We laughed knowing if I tried to drink from the glass I would be wearing that drink for the rest of the night. Same with makeup my husband walks away when I put on my eyelashes. He thinks I'm going to poke my eye out, when I'm applying them. I have to assure him I have it under control. It might take me a bit and pure concentration but I will get those damn things on.

Thank you for letting me share.

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