That won’t happen to me!

I was diagnosed at roughly 35. I am now 59. My PD has progressed slowly until about 5 yrs ago when my Mom was diagnosed with PD. I was her caregiver until as I was trying to help her out of her she moved and I froze. I shoved her into the chair. I did that to prevent her from going thru the tv. I told her that if anyone was going thru the tv it was me. As that point I realized I couldn’t do it. We hired 4 caregivers, I promised Mom no Nursing Home.


Mom's Parkinson progressed quickly. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s with psychosis. That is horrible. Mom passed away 3 yrs ago. Since then mine has progressed more quickly, I’m having nightmares and hallucinations just like mom. As far as the apathy, I really don’t want to leave my house mainly because I fall a lot. This disease is truly a challenge. But since the day I was diagnosed I promised myself I wasn’t going to let it beat me!

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