The Advantages of Parkinson's Disease

When looking at the categories suggested for submission I noticed that there is not a category for the advantages of Parkinson’s disease. What a glaring omission. How could this oversight happen?

Living in a mansion

Having Parkinson’s disease has greatly elevated my standard of living. Well, at least it seems that way. My modest three bedroom house has seemingly increased in size so that it takes about 50 steps just to get across the living room. With rooms that spacious it is no longer a house but seems to be a mansion and I must be some kind of royalty. Mansions are often described as ornate with gold fittings. I can’t afford gold but I do have silver wall hangings in several places. They are in the shower, by the front entrance, near the stairs, not in the shape of artwork but in the shape of safety grab bars.

Nothing is all bad

While Watching TV in my mansion recently I saw an ad for a diet food plan. As an incentive to purchase it they offered “free shakes for a month.” That’s nothing. I’ve had free shakes for years already. And that really comes in handy when I’m about to use spray paint. On the can it say shake well before using.” I always do.

Another advantage for having PD was noted when my wife and I were driving in the country. It was a pleasant trip on a nice day until she suddenly exclaimed “Phew, yuck, stink! We must be passing a pig farm.” I had no idea. My not being able to smell sometimes works to her advantage, though. My inability to smell almost guarantees that she’ll keep 100% of the cookies she is baking for the church bazaar. I have no awareness of the pleasant aroma so the fresh cookies are safe from my hungry sampling.

It just goes to show that nothing is all bad, not even Parkinson’s disease.

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