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Sister5 is because I am the 5th sister of 9

I come from a family of 11, 9 girls. I am the only one with PD. My name is Denise and I was diagnosed with PD 3 years ago. I was a middle school Social Studies teacher until I retired last year. I am 66. I really didn’t want to retire, but I could not manage all that it takes to be a teacher. I try to stay positive but I have been dealing with severe sciatic nerve pain from spinal stenosis and between that and PD, I get pretty overwhelmed at times. I take Rock Steady Boxing, which is helpful. I walk every day. I am the caregiver for my partner who is unable to drive as a result of a stroke. He also has some cognitive issues and is a diabetic. I worry about what will happen down the road. I don’t live close to any family so I plan on selling my house and moving closer to my son and daughter, which is about 400 miles. But it’s really hard to try to do these things on my own. I am getting an epidural injection for my stenosis next week. If I can just get rid of that pain, I may be able to cope better.

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  • perry336
    2 years ago

    Hopefully the injection works for your pain. I to have sciatic pain. It seems like you just start feeling good then something else starts bothering you. I try to keep thinking positive. Just keep moving. Good luck and hopefully moving close to family will help.

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