Prayer for Parkinson's

P is for Parkinson’s and prayer. Not a coincidence. It takes lots of prayers to deal with all things Parkinson’s disease (PD). For me, a daily dose of prayers does wonders to keep my mood up and my stress down.

My father is entering the advanced stages PD with dementia. Dad is still at home with my mother, along with caregivers during the day time.

We are dealing with making tough decisions about 24 hour care or a memory care facility in the near future. Mom isn’t ready for either, so I rely on prayer to keep my stress level down and to support mom. Below are a few tips on using prayer in your daily life with Parkinson’s.


P is for Preparedness. It’s a good idea to ask the right questions at your doctor visits. Have someone go with you to help be another pair of ears.

A prayer for preparedness: O God, our times are in your hand. In the midst of uncertainty lead us by your never-failing grace as we seek to be agents of healing and hope.


R is for relax. There is not much you can do when those various symptoms decide to rear their ugly head. So do your best and say the following ...

A prayer for relaxation: Dear God, I ask for peace of mind. I pray that I am calm, collected and tranquil at all times today. I rest and relax in your presence.


A is for activity Each day, think of something that will get you out of the house to get your adrenaline going. Even if it’s only a 10 minute walk or a ride in the car to give you a change of atmosphere.

A prayer for activity: Lord, today we recall your faithfulness. Thank you that you walk with us every day, that you are with us always. We proclaim that your promises are true and your goodness and love never fail.

You are special

Y- You are Special. YOU are still a person despite what is going on in your body or mind. Don’t let someone else (or yourself) tell you otherwise

A prayer to honor yourself: Lord, I thank you because I am relevant in your kingdom. You, God made us all unique. Lord, please let me be the change that the world needs.


E is for excitement. Find things that you enjoy doing and do it. It will stimulate those neurons and give you daily motivation.

Prayer for motivation: Heavenly Father, I pray that you cheer up and refresh my spirit. Gladden my heart and mind so that I may sing your glory.


R is for resources. Here are a few resources to learn more about Parkinson’s Disease: for helpful articles, or the following book for Parkinson’s disease: The Complete Guide For Patients And Caregivers, by Abraham N. Lieberman, MD and Frank L Williams

Prayer for resourcefulness: It is during tight times that creativity and resourcefulness reign.

Finding the balance between how to keep dad safe and mom happy is our goal. In the mean time, we can say a little prayer and call it a day!

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