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I Have Choices: Living My Life Fully With Parkinson's Disease

I still have choices! I am living my life fully with Parkinson's disease (PD). Therefore, I do not live in the past and choose to live life with gusto, instead of gloom and doom. However, I chose to live with emotional strength.

For example, I have many more qualities to my life than just being "the Parkinson's patient". In other words, I am a viable member of society, a parent, friend, and grandparent. I will illustrate how I live a normal life with Parkinson's disease.

I take my medicine on time

I take my medicine on time every day. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), "sticking to your medication routine means taking your medications as prescribed– the right dose, at the right time, in the right way and frequency".1

The FDA explains that these things are important because "not taking your medicine as prescribed by a doctor or instructed by a pharmacist could lead to your disease getting worse, hospitalization, even death".1

I am my best every day

I look at each day as a new day and new experience. Every day is a fresh, new experience that helps me challenge my outlook on life. I am positive and start each day with new energy and enthusiasm!

I am the best I can be every day. Minor bumps in the road don't deter me from being my best! I also exercise my mind and body daily. According to doctors, exercise is both a safe and enjoyable option that can help you manage Parkinson's symptoms.2

I contact my doctor

I make choices when to contact my doctor because of changes in my condition. I call my physician when changes occur with my PD. I perform due diligence when listening to all medical advice from others and speak to my physician first before trying new things.

There are many well-intentioned folks who give me toxic advice about Parkinson's. I only trust scientifically proven facts that are reported by healthcare professionals.

I count my blessings

I count my blessings that I am in the here and now with my family. I take pleasure in being in the here and now. I have my family, especially my granddaughter and friends. I can still participate in things with the ones I love.

I am kind. I honor and respect my caregiver's feelings at all times. Even though I may get impatient, stressed, or anxious, I am more aware of my caregiver's feelings and respect that person.

I focus on what I can do

I never reminisce on what I was able to do in the past. I don't look back at things that I used to do. However, I do look forward to things that I can successfully accomplish.

I  rejoice in everything that I can still do and I am grateful for these things. For instance, socializing, cooking, reading, painting, gardening, and more.

I don't worry about the future because I live in the present. I made a choice to be the most positive, encouraged, happy person with the things that I can do and face the challenges valiantly in my life. Meanwhile, today is the "new normal". Subsequently, tomorrow becomes the next new "new normal" day!

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