Locked in Time

When one is dealing with an illness like Parkinson’s, time is completely unpredictable and often difficult to manage. Between weighing outside stimuli, the quality of your sleep, the digestion of your last meal, and your ability to process stress in your life, these and other numerous factors outside of your control weigh on the ability to function well.

Onset of symptoms

To the best of my knowledge, there is no definitive way to predict the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms and what may help or hinder those symptoms. Never knowing whether you are going to have the strength to walk, to speak, or to do most anything becomes a challenge and can play on your self-confidence.

Walking alone

Parkinson’s is a journey without road maps, entwined with obstacles, challenges, and decisions, that change over the course of the journey. Each of our paths is totally unique. No two of us share the exact same symptoms or benefit from the exact same regimen of medications.

Take initiative

There is help out there for us, but most of the work is up to us! Identifying options like boxing, dance, and yoga are but a few of the options worth exploring. I have found that handling Parkinson’s is a full-time job and my career has become a part-time job. Making changes is not easy!

Take charge

Keeping active, social, informed, and working closely with your neurologist makes a big difference. Time is our determining factor. If we wait for Parkinson’s to move forward without doing anything or trying something new, our precious time will be lost! Taking charge of your health and being curious is not just empowering but can lead you to a new tool that may just help you to improve yourself in so many ways.

Finding and trying options that are new to you, at first may take some time. Be selective and cautious about the therapies that you might try. I am fond of referrals, inexpensive, non-permanent, non-invasive, and documented options to see what works for you. Be selective but try something!

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