A woman holding a pill bottle looks a photos of her life

What's Wrong With Me?

Once, long ago, there lived a happy and loving family of brilliant scholars, blonde beauties and a superhero (yes, really!). Into this incredibly joyous environment, a second daughter was born. Not surprisingly, she too was focused, competitive, dynamic and a perfectionist.

But her genius was in her creativity, as is often the way of the “baby”. At 2 years old, she sang in tune. At 7, she wrote plays for the class to perform. At 10, she composed music. How could she, a Capricorn to boot, not be driven to succeed?

Living a perfect life

Like a butterfly, from this wondrous childhood emerged a happy, sparkling, enthusiastic and brilliantly educated young lady. Confident that she could achieve ANYTHING with dedication and diligence, she memorized a newly-composed piece and performed flawlessly in a London Prom at four days notice. She practiced day and night.

With 3 weeks notice, she learned Rhapsody in Blue and played in front of over 4,000 people on Oscar Peterson’s (massive) piano. Rising to this immense challenge, she practiced so hard that she permanently damaged her hands. In spite of the pain, naturally, she still did the concert!

Her life seemed charmed as she travelled the world, acting and performing, using her great social skills honed at all those family cocktail parties. She became a TV presenter. Married a dashing pilot and with a beautiful baby, she was living a golden life, dazzling and fascinating at all times.

Facing a change in health

And then, something changed. Her beloved parents were aging gracefully, with no diseases of the body or mind. Therefore, she assumed she too would live well… until she started feeling… well, rather “down”. She was experiencing migraines, anxiety, and insomnia.

What was causing this decline? Was it the effort of maintaining a successful career, spotless house, and flawless complexion? Was it the difficult birth and terrifying responsibility of keeping her darling child safe? Was it the overwhelming heartache caused by the breakdown of her marriage?

Treating a variety of conditions

The (always kind) doctors dispensed drugs for carpal tunnel, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, sudden early menopause, sciatica, inflamed painful joints, arthritis, weak knees, blurry vision, dry eyes, aching limbs, basal cell carcinomas, fatigue, constant reflux, a mild concussion, and a spectacular case of streptococcal pneumonia.

So, was she lazy, crazy, or what? And thereafter, incredibly still “presenting well”, she went through the hell of withdrawal.

Without Midrin (now discontinued), Diazepam (Eek! Just ask Jordan Peterson!), Trazodone Hydrochloride or Morphine, she experienced agonising akathisia, panic attacks, and loss of all hope. Was it too late?

What happened next? See you next time to find out!

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