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Keeping Hope: A Motivator When We Don't Feel Very Motivated

Hope is the bridge that can lead us across the pit of uncertainty. -Karl Robb

Hope comes from within our head and our heart. It drives us to make improvements in our lives. Hope also drives us to spread the message that keeping hope alive motivates and makes us stronger. It isn’t Pollyannaish or extreme to extend ourselves credit and to push ourselves to be more than our current selves. Hope is about believing in oneself. It is about knowing ourselves and keeping up with our dreams but remaining realistic.

Staying motivated with Parkinson's

Somewhere, along the way, hope and faith intersect and trust is not far behind. These three beliefs or feelings are intertwined and dependent upon one another as they build upon each other.

Hope isn’t enough, but it’s a darned good place to begin! If we just rely on hope and nothing but hope, and maybe lots of prayer, we are limiting our options from that which is within our control.

Hope, when it comes to Parkinson’s, and really any illness, means flexibility, leeway, and leaving an openness to seek something better in our lives. Hope can be a catalyst to get us off the couch, out the door, or into the gym. Hope can be that motivator that reminds us that while some rings may be outside of our grasp, there is still a responsibility on our part to seek out answers.

Nurturing hope every day

Nurturing hope and keeping it alive is a daily undertaking and it may not always work. Vital decisions in our lives will determine just how we keep the spark of hope and even revive it on those days where we may not seek the spark, immediately. A few of the keys to keeping hope alive are awareness, vigilance, focus, faith, and trust.

If we are to remain ill and without immediate solutions to long-term problems, hope is what we ultimately cling to and must preserve. Hope is powerful, so keep it alive and expand your awareness of ways to help yourself. Believing in yourself and doing all that you can are good places to begin.

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