5 Acts of Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

It is easy on occasion to overlook the people and blessings in our lives, especially when dealing with a chronic condition like Parkinson's. This Thanksgiving, try looking at the holiday with fresh eyes and consider incorporating the following suggestions:

1. Take care of Planet Earth

We take so much from this planet and put constant strain on it. We ask more and more of it, but resources are limited - if we don’t put back or preserve what is left, we are destined to run out.

  • Just planting a tree or a garden that is of native plants and require little to no watering can provide a new ecosystem for your local neighborhood.
  • Pick your own way of giving back to your planet.

2. Become a mentor

Make a difference in someone’s life by becoming a mentor. Share your knowledge with someone who could benefit from what you have learned. Share wisdom and lessons both good and not so good.

3. Remind your loved ones that you care

Remind your loved ones just how important they are to you. Let the people in your life know how grateful you are for them, while you are able.

4. Love your pet a little extra

In millions of households across the world, animals bring us companionship, love, attention, and a great deal of enjoyment. Whether your companion is furry, scaly, soft, or not, remember to do something to make your animal(s) aware of how thankful you are for them.

5. Practice self-care

Take a moment for yourself and just be appreciative of ALL the joys in your life. Realize that many of the daily gifts that we become accustomed to are not to be overlooked. Life is rarely perfect, but one can usually identify that which should be recognized.

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving has taken on multiple meanings to those who celebrate it: family time together, overeating and over-indulgence, tons of cooking and travel, and remembering those who came before us.

Thanksgiving might be the right time to show and share thanks, gratitude, and caring for those people in your life that you may not see that often. Sharing gratitude, good wishes, and appreciation is a great tradition to continue year to year and day to day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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