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Wondering if my symptoms are part of PD

My name is Bill I am 77 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 5 years ago. I had no idea what is happening to me for the first 31/2 years I didn’t think that I had PD but for the past 8 months I noticed that things are happening and with me. I am having pain in my neck, lower back and hips.

I have a balance problem. I fell 3 times I feel dizzy if I turn my head and body to quick. If I start doing any strenuous kind of work I start having vertigo feeling and I have to stop or I will get stomach sick. I talk to people and it’s like they don’t hear me and my hearing is getting worse. I could go on and on. So, can anyone tell me if it’s part of having PD.

  1. Hi Bill I'm only just getting symptoms so came on here to find out - so sorry, I am no expert but I have read that there can be a 'serge' after 5 years......can you go see your doctor for help? Good luck

    1. Hi sorry to hear about the symptoms you are experiencing. If you haven't already, we always recommend reaching out to one's physician with new or developing symptoms. In the meantime, I included an article on managing dizziness with PD here - Parkinson's can lead to difficulties with speech. Have you considered seeking out a speech therapist? We have an article on the benefits of a speech therapist here - Lastly, I shared a link to symptoms commonly associated with PD - Please feel free to reach out anytime. We care and are here for you. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

      1. About 2 years ago, I received a life-altering diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. The treatment, primarily Carbadopa-Levadopa however, wasn't effective, leading to a hospitalization. This experience prompted me to seek a second opinion, which revealed a different culprit: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). Be sure to get a second opinion. I saw a movement specialist who diagnosed PSP in 20 minutes.

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