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What type of medicine do you use as a daily mouthwash that is recommended for PwP?

Are there any contraindications in taking over-the-counter mouthwash?

  1. Marc,

    I think the issue is that most mouthwashes have alcohol in them. Some of their labels are confusing listing Active and Inactive ingredients separately…so read carefully. Act and Listerine, and others have some non-alcohol products. There are also some generic equivalents.

    I have trouble swallowing, particularly at night and was recommended by a speech therapist to use a non-alcohol mouthwash, to use Biotene or equivalent for dry mouth (also a common Parkinson’s issue), and a 15 degree wedge pillow ( 7” at the apex of the wedge.) I hope this helps.


    1. I use Biotene as recommended by my neurologist for an extremely dry mouth due to many of my medications and use the lozenges as well. Unfortunately it doesn’t last very long.
      Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

      1. Thank you, Thea. Another q, what brand of cough medicine is okay to take with PD? Marc

        1. Marc I did a little research and couldn’t find any cough medicine recommended for Parkinson’s patients. Since we take such a variety of medications and have many different symptoms there were warnings about everything I checked especially if you take any levadopa. However I found interesting information on a clinical trial being done in the Uk on a cough medicine ambroxol to slow Parkinson’s progression. I don’t know how promising this is but found it interesting. The study is being done by the Parkinson’s Disease Society of the United Kingdom. I am somewhat skeptical of some of these studies but thought you might find it of interest. Thea

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