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Swallowing and sweating

Hi everyone, I know we are all different but I hope I can find some help because my doctor is not offering any. Swallowing is my biggest problem, I can not eat a lot of foods. My digestive system has slowed down so much and I think that may be the problem, but my throat feels like it is stuffed with food, sometime I can feel it coming on and I just stop eating. There is no PD gastro Doctor close to me if there is such a doctor. I have had my esophagus stretched twice with no help from it at all. Ok problem #2: sweating, at this point I am not sure if it is the Carbo/Levodpa or the PD. I wake up at night and my pjs are soaked and during the day, even in the winter, I have to keep a fan on me. When I don’t have the sweating I am freezing, my feet and hands are like ice. Some nights when I go to bed my whole body is cold, now it matters not the temperature in the house or outside. If you suffer from one or both please let me know. And like everyone else this is only two of a hundred, seems like, other problems we have.

  1. Thank you for your comment on 'Swallowing and Sweating'. If you have, not Liza, done so already, I would recommend that you speak with your Parkinson's disease physician for a recommendation for a speech therapist who can evaluate your swallow function and offer treatment and recommend a videofluoroscopy. Recommendations can be made on their findings as to what are the safest consistencies of food and drinks that you consume. Best, Marc M., Moderator,

    1. Hi, I went through a period of night sweats about a year ago and also had to have a bedside fan working, even on cool nights.
      I have found that got better after I started taking a controlled release formulation of carbidopa/levodopa, called Caramet, at bedtime. I still need plenty of ventilation in order to sleep, though.
      Parkinson's generally seems to interfere with the body's heat regulation. I avoid strenuous activities in hot weather and wear a hat with a brim in strong sunshine.
      I hope you find a solution that works for you!

      1. thank you for your reply. I keep my overhead fan on at night I have always had to do this for air ventilation and I am a cold natured person and now when I do get cold I am really cold.

    2. I also have trouble regulating my body temperature. I keep my overhead fan going to keep the air moving but then sometimes like you I get really cold. My movement disorder specialist suggested that I not bundle up too much as that can cause these constant fluctuations. I have an issue in that I don’t sweat which is the body’s way of regulating temperature. I just try to stay really hydrated. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

      1. hi Thea, thank you for your comment.

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