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Supplements for tremors

Hello all. I take CL25/100, 3 times a day and have reduced my tremors to a manageable level. My dearly loved sister (nurse) is visiting after a year of hibernation. She feels the meds I am taking aren’t enough and thinks I should be doing more. She is a nurse for 40+ years and knows a friend who knows a friend who read a book about someone who beat PD. I am reluctant to listen to anyone other than my or any neurologist. I tell her I’ll look into her alternatives but will not act until I speak to a specialist. She is persistent though and I need to handle this situation with kid gloves.

Any thoughts or relatable stories?

  1. Hi , thanks for your question! It sounds like you have a trusting relationship with your neurologist and are feeling comfortable with your current medications. In the past have you ever talked to your doctor about possible adjustments or what those options might look like? I wanted to share this article on dietary supplements. Perhaps these are something you could discuss with your doctor. I'm sure you already exercise, but it has been shown to reduce some motor symptoms if it's not already part of your current routine. Also included an article on exercise below. Hopefully, this helps you in your discussions with your sister and your doctor!

    Lauren, Team

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