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Hi,Does anyone have the same problem. That is I lie in bed tossing & turning tying the bed clothes in knots thinking I must get some sleep when in fact I AM asleep.

  1. you are definitely not alone in your struggle with sleep. You may find the results from our 4th Annual Parkinson's Disease in America Survey interesting.
    April - Team

    1. Hi Keith, We hope you are doing well and had time to look at article that April provided. Just checking in to see if you need any further assistance? Take care.
      Regards, Suzanne-

      1. Hi yes I did have a look at the article & will have another in the near future,
        in the meantime I have had my couple of hours initial sleep & have been up for about an hour ( it is now 2-15 AM )so nearly
        time to head back to bed I thank you for your communication & I will be back soon
        God Bless
        Keith B

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