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Should I persist?

Hi there. New here.

After about 6-8 months of worsening weird things happening, I decided to put them all in one space. Decided after Dr Google suggested it, to see a Neurologist. Waited 4 weeks for appointment and was brushed off.

She noted my movements and the fact that my right arm doesn’t swing when I walk (my left arm does). Just said see you in one month. ??? Why? Never even let me show or read the other issues - just looked at me and declared me a “healthy young lady”. I’m 53 BTW.

Here are my concerns, getting worse over the last 6 months:

nternal rhythmic tremors (bad at sleep)
Blurry eye, floaters, light sensitive
Recent Vision changes & headaches
Smelling things not there (olive oil cooking & natural gas)
Leg, arm, lip jerks- can’t sit still
- non rythmic, at rest
- Random point itches?
Mood swings,
Dropping things all the time
Memory issues
* vase example
* Dan coming over example
use other words in sentences
* delicious instead of beautiful
* Toy instead of game
* Flow with the go
* Last week (rather than last year)
* “Thing” instead of car
Forget words completely
* respectful
* Foundation
Feeling like I am uncomfortable in my own skin.

Should I persist or am I just crazy?

  1. Hello Zahatak, I'm sorry that you had a bad first experience with a neurologist. My father (age 86) has not liked his neurologist of 15 years but she at least provides the basic knowledge needed for helping him manage his PD. Note: Sometimes you have try another doctor to find the right fit. I would recommend you might approach your primary care physician to express your concerns and your experience with this neurologist. Ask for a referral to another neurologist to get a second opinion. In the mean time know that we are concerned about you and wish you the best in finding out what is going on in your body. Please keep in touch with us. Best regards, Suzanne Troy, moderator for

    1. You are not crazy, Zahatak. I am sorry that you are not getting any satisfaction with your Neurologist. I use a Movement Disorder Neurologist, [a Neurologist who has extra training in movement disorders like PD.]. I am also a Speech Pathologist. If you haven't done so already, I would ask my doctor for a prescription for a speech evaluation and treatment for your word finding and substitution problems to help your memory and word-finding difficulties. It is covered by insurance. Good luck! Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

      1. So sorry to hear about your disappointment with the neurologist. It's so frustrating when it feels like you aren't being heard. Have you thought about getting a second opinion? April - Team

        1. Hi Zakatak13, How are you doing? Just checking in. Hope you are well.
          Suzanne, -

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