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Should I be Concerned?

I am 48 years old, and have had intermittent issues with what is likely essential tremor since my early 20s. But over the past year or two my right hand has been behaving differently. It occurs most often when using a computer mouse. I'll struggle to select the item or link because my hand will not zero-in on what needs to be clicked, or my thumb and forefinger will "jerk" very slightly (working in graphic design this kind of issue is a big and annoying problem). But what concerns me even more is that over the past year when typing on a keyboard my right hand will have a slow rhythmic tremor, and it seems to be getting worse. An appointment has already been scheduled with a neurologist, but it isn't until the end of September. In the meantime I would like to get some views and opinions from forum members about this issue. Should I be concerned? Does this sound Parkinsonian? My maternal grandfather had Parkinson's and although I have read that it doesn't often run in families, it can in about 20% of cases. Anything else I should keep an eye on? Thank you to all who respond.

  1. Hello there!

    With the obvious proviso that my comments would need to be cleansed in the waters of a neurologist's proper assessment:

    1 - Should I be concerned?

    Concerned - no, but self-vigilant in the face of not-yet-diagnosed health questions - yes. There are things other than PD that may be causing this.

    2 - Does this sound Parkinsonian?

    Without answering that, have you exhausted other avenues of inquiry with various tests that your General Physician can request (EEG, CT Scan, Blood Tests, etc.)? Is there any other contextual contributor, like medications you are on (sometimes tremors can be pharmacological side-effects)? Have you tried physiotherapeutic options, or a change to a more ergonomic working environment (posture, and arm/hand positions relative to keyboard and mouse)?

    3 - Anything else I should keep an eye on?

    Do you have any other symptoms consistent with Parkinson's? Have a look at "Menu > Symptoms" on this page to see if you are experiencing anything else in addition to tremors.

    All the best in your quest!

    1. You are describing my symptoms, especially the typing variation between hands, but my affected hand seemed slow and heavy. I would end up with two or more of the letter I tapped because my tap was more of a sit-and-rest. I don’t know if you have other symptoms of PD so don’t know if yours is Parkinson’s. Mine is. I am glad your doctor appointment is coming up, @eron2020, and hope it is with a movement disorder specialist. Best wishes, Lorraine, moderator

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