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What is “Reiki” therapy?

I was diagnosed about a year ago and I went about taking my meds and thinking I could beat/control this Parkinson’s disease as I have everything else in my life. I am now learned that I wasted time as my symptoms have worsened and I feel defeated someone please post about this therapy and what you know about it.

  1. Hello, Michael! My name is Karl. I am a Reiki Master and have been practicing reiki for over 20 years. Personally, I have seen reiiki help me tremendously with stress and symptoms. I have had Parkinson's for over 30 years. We are all different. You might find benefit from reiki or find a greater attraction to massage.I write a lot on the benefits of trying different therapies to find the one that works for you. It may take some time and a little investigation. My best advice is to explore reiki and other practitioners in your area to see what works best for you. Stay open and positive but you can be a little skeptical--until you see benefit. For some, it may take a combination of therapies to see benefits. Keep searching! Karl Robb, Community Advocate

    1. Thank you Karl for taking the time to comment. Do you know how I go about locating a true Reiki practician in my area? I am also curious if anyone is aware of insurane companies paying/ approving Reiki or Masage therapy? As you can imagine I see multiple physcians and although I have Great insurance just the copays strain our budget so any additional expenses are hard to absorb

  2. Hi Michael - There's a few things you can do to find a good Reiki practitioner - you can ask a friend for a referral, check with your local yoga studio or holistic wellness center to see if they have someone on staff, or check with your massage therapist for a referral. There are many massage therapists today that are also Reiki practitioners! You also want to find a Reiki practitioner who has a daily practice of their own. The first level of Reiki is all about self-care so as practitioners, we are encouraged to work on ourselves every day!

    You may also want to consider taking a level one Reiki class/workshop in your area. It may be less expensive than lots of sessions with a practitioner. Level one is about self care and you can learn to give Reiki to yourself. There's no prerequisites for learning Reiki - just a wanting to help yourself!

    I'm not aware of any particular insurance plans that offer reimbursement for Reiki sessions. I have heard from some Parkinson's friends who have mentioned some plans either offer discounts for massage or reimbursements.

    Wishing you luck in finding an awesome Reiki practitioner!
    Carepartner and community advocate

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