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Positivity and attitude

Dealing with PD has created or exposed many new challenges. I take on activities (or try to) with the same energy and self motivation as I always have. I find that my strength in my left side (hand,arm, and leg) are not as strong as the right side. So I back off a little. My guitar playing has suffered so I play simpler songs. My photography has suffered so I use a tripod/ monopod and just slow the process. When I jog, I just take it a little slower. When I ski, (55 years now) I keep it to half a day and easier trails.
If someone notices that I’m shaking , I tell them “ I have Parkinson’s.” I don’t hide it, I deal with it. My motto for a life well lived has been and always will be
“ inconvenience with the right attitude becomes adventure,
Adventure with the wrong attitude becomes inconvenience. “

Give it a try.

  1. Great posting! I'm newly diagnosed as of a week ago. Still adjusting to my new reality with lots of different emotions. Nice to read something positive amidst an online sea of negativity.....

    1. Hi @Hardisk70, The community is meant to be a welcoming, non-judgmental place for support, information, and discussion. Although Parkinson's disease leaves many people reeling from emotions, including myself, the forum often lets us know we're not alone. I'm glad you find the post by @Jeff t positive and helpful. Thank you both for sharing and I'm hoping you'll both continue to contribute to our community! Warm regards, Rob Hunt,, Team Member

  2. , what an inspiring way to approach life! We really appreciate you being a part of our community and sharing! Wishing you a wonderful week. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

    1. Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot. It goes directly to what a support group can do to help achieve the things you want to accomplish. I remember words from my mom. (She passed a while ago). But, her words are still with me when I hear some negativity. She would say “ I don’t want to hear ‘I cant’, just do it “.

      Obviously to the best of your ability. The effect of PD for you is yours. Make the accomplishment yours. Let that accomplishment make you and those you love smile. Baby steps or giant leaps. They are your accomplishments.

      Sorry for the rant, I used to be a teacher.

      1. Hi, , no need to apologize! We are here any time you need a listening ear! Your mom sounds like a wise lady. Again, we appreciate your insights and sharing with us. Wishing you a great weekend. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

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