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Parkinson’s and Zinc

My husband has Parkinson’s. He is in his 7th year. The freezing issues have continued to be a problem that meds haven’t been able to get under control. He contracted Covid the first of January. He received a Bamlanivimab drip. He was taking his vitamins and Zinc Copper as well. He recovered from Covid within 7 days.
We noticed the freezing has decreased sufficiently. At least 90%. It has been three weeks since Covid. He is still having limited amounts of freezing. The only thing we can attribute it to is the Zinc copper. I am curious to know if others who have been on zinc have experience the same thing.

  1. What does of Zinc has he been taking?

    1. He is taking 50mg daily.

    2. You mention Zinc Copper - is that the same as ZINC?

  2. My brother had a major freezing problem- but he has been taking ZINC- wonder if it could be from the Infusion he received? Sure wish we could decrease it.

    1. He is taking Zinc Copper by Solaray. I did some research and found this article: There are other articles you can research as well. I don’t know for sure it is the zinc copper or maybe the infusion. He is still not having freezes. I hope your brother can find some relief as well. Keep me posted.

      1. Thank you - I really appreciate it. I will also communicate with his neurologist to see what he thinks. I did read some that says copper helps the zinc work better. He’s been taking ZINC but not with copper. I sure wish we could figure something out. It’s wonderful that it has helped your husband. I hope it sticks !

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