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Parkinson attack"

I have a question for the community. I was diagnosed with PD in 2015 after at least a decade of “soft” symptoms, including the sensation of an internal (not visible) fast, generalized tremor. I used to attribute it to my thyroid hormone, but that weird sensation of being a “human tuning fork” was always transient. The symptoms that brought me to diagnosis were L sided stiffness and bradykinesia. Over the past ten months or so, i have had approximately eight episodes of what I call a Parkinson’s “attack”. These episodes happen exclusively at bedtime and are characterized by significant sensation of internal vibration, some restlessness, and worsening of Parkinson’s stiffness. These episodes are unnerving, to say the least. As a nurse practitioner (now retired due to PD), I entertained the possibility that the episodes were panic attacks. However, the episodes fail to meet panic attack diagnostic criteria. I take SInemet 25/100 1.5 tabs 3x/day and gabapentin 300mg at hs for “restless legs” sensation in my L arm and leg. I have read that everyone’s experience with PD is quite unique/individualized. I was just wondering if anyone else has had episodes like this. Thank you!

  1. That's really interesting, @cynmathews. Hopefully some other community members can weigh in with their experiences. Have you mentioned these vibration sensations to your doctor/neurologist? - Chris, Team

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