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no sleep

My husband, Bruce, has not had any sleep in the past month or so. At night he falls asleep for about 10 minutes then gets up and wanders around the house like sleep walking. He spends the night time sitting and dozing for several minutes then gets up and paces around aimlessly, even tries to leave the house. He moves things and he will even respond to my questions, sometimes his answers are coherent and other times he responds with an " I don't know." Now it has become worse in that this sometimes occurs during the day. He gets very tired during the day and naps quit often. His neurologist has given up by saying he cannot do anything more for him! We are at our wits end. I am up with Bruce most of the nights to make sure he is safe while all this goes on. I can get some shuteye here and there. Is there anyone out there with similar symptoms? And what do you do about it? Bruce was even given several different meds for sleep but he would only sleep half hour then up again!
Looking for some answers.

  1. Hi, , I'm so sorry you and your husband are experiencing this and that your doctor's responded that way. Is it worth seeking a second opinion? So many here have mentioned their loved one having problems with sleep. You guys are not alone. Hopefully, others will respond with weigh in. In the meantime, I thought you may be interested in a couple article on the topic - and I truly hope you and your husband are able to find him some relief soon. Sending so many hugs your way. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

    1. Hello mzaree1,
      I'm sorry to hear that your husband is having so much difficulty with sleep. My father who has PD (age 86) has some difficulty but his doctor prescribed a medication that helps him stay asleep at night and with headaches. We are not supposed to give medical advice but I'm sharing an article that one of staff wrote on sleep. I hope this helps. Is your husband able to have a sleep study as other people do who have insomnia? It sounds like he has his days and nights mixed up. Hopefully you can find a doctor who could help him reverse some of this. Please keep in touch with us. Best regards, Suzanne Troy, Moderator,

      1. Hi, , I shared some information we have that may be beneficial in your quest to find some assistance. There are various resources linked in the article that I hope will be helpful. The information can be found here - Again, I truly hope this is helpful. Wishing you well. -Jessica, Team Member

      2. I'm not really sure but you might try calling a local hospice to see if they would give you some respite or at least refer you to someone who might give you some help at night time. Please let us know how you are are in our prayers.
        Suzanne, Advocate,

    2. I have recently started taking CBD gummies for sleeping and they work wonders

      1. Hi Mzaree1,
        Just checking in to see how your husband Bruce is doing? Hope you are finding some solutions to his sleep issues. Please keep in touch as we care about you in our community.
        Best regards,
        Suzanne Troy, Advocate,

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