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My husband is having difficulty getting a definitive dx. Is this common?

The neurologist seems in no hurry to give us answers, yet the onset was sudden and severe. My husband has been unable to walk for 6 months, it took 3 mos. to get an initial appointment w. doc.. I feel like we are just spinning our wheels and no one cares.

  1. These are certainly difficult times we live in with healthcare. And we are not done with COVID-19, and finding accessible/available physicians is a challenge. I just moved from NC to SC, and understand what you are describing because I have had to replace 4 different types of physicians. I started looking in August-October and now have appointments in February-April of 2023! I feel fortunate because we were warned, it could take up to 12 months to schedule new physician appointments. QUESTIONS- Have you tried calling your husband's Neurologist and request a virtual call/appointment? Can you call and ask if the PA or NP that they likely have in the practice is available for an in-house or virtual appointment? I feel your pain because there is no 'quick fix' for your husband's problem. Furthermore, seeing a Movement Disorder specialist is not a quick visit, they take time and interaction because Parkinson's is a complex disorder. Best wishes, good luck, and keep trying to schedule the appointment, Frank C. for the

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