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moving across the country

Hi all. I was wondering if any of you or anyone you know with PD have traveled or moved a long distance? We are and we are wondering the best way to travel for my husband. Either flying or riding in the car. It would take 5-6 days riding in the car . And maybe 6 hours if he flies.

Any thoughts?

ps his tremors are getting worse and worse and he will probably begin preparing for DBS surgery with his new neurologist.

  1. pss: i don't know if i would be on the plane with him either. i might have to drive 🙁

    1. Hello , hopefully others in the community will chime in soon with their travel experiences. In the meantime, I included a couple articles on traveling with PD that may be of interest - and Hope some of this info is helpful. You can also utilize our search function to find other articles we have on traveling. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions. We are here for you both. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

    2. thank you so much for the links!

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