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LSVT Loud Therapy

I'm new to the group, having been diagnosed with PD in February, 2020. Though now that I have a better understanding of the disease I realize I started to present symptoms a year or 2 ago.
I'm curious how many others have experienced significant changes to their speech as part of PD. In addition to the typical PD symptoms i now have a stutter, often to the point of making it extremely difficult to simply talk and communicate. My neurologist increased my dosage of Carbidopa-Levodopa from 3x to 4x times a day and referred me to a speech pathologist. I underwent a 4 week program of "LSVT Loud" therapy, with limited success. My therapist told me she has many years experience in treating PD patients, but i was her first patient who stuttered.
I was wondering how many others (if any) are affected by stuttering brought about by PD, and any experiences with "LSVT Loud" therapy.

  1. While I don’t have experience with stuttering, I can say that SpeakOut! and Loud Crowd are helpful. Some cities have a choir made up of persons with Parkinson’s. Maybe you would like that and it would help. Best wishes, Lorraine, moderator

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