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I Need Your Help

I was diagnosed two years ago. A few months ago, I started humming continuously, only stopping when I sleep. Has anyone had this happen, or aware of someone dealing with this?

  1. ONG. I never thought of parkinson's, I have recently start humming, with I have never done defore. That's weird.

    1. The more I read and ask, I am finding that it is not uncommon. I am interested in keeping in touch, and hearing how it is going! God bless!

      1. I have had parkinson for 18 years and as far as I remember I began humming 10 years ago. I still do, when I am on, and it can be the same melody and tekst again and again.
        To others who cannot hear you, but see you, it looks strange because your (my) lips are moving. I do not know a cure, but my husband knows when I am on,

        1. I was diagnosed 2 years ago, but have symptoms for about 12 years. One morning last fall I woke up, started to hum and, other than sleeping, haven’t stopped! At times it is more of a muttering, sometimes it is a tune and, when I am stressed, it is louder. I suppose this is the new me.

          1. Hi , very interesting. Have you mentioned this to your doctor? Just curious if they had anything to say about it. Wishing you well. -Jessica, Team Member

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