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Hot weather

If I get too hot, as in being outdoors in the summer, I often become ill with symptoms of nausea, weakness and being light headed. I enjoyed playing golf and other out door activities but am not able to do a lot of them anymore because I get over heated easily. Does anyone else experience difficulty like this?

  1. @Cliff, I find your question very interesting. I have one friend who describes these symptoms after being outdoors. I have endured what I will call "tummy upset" more than nausea on occasion but it is not consistent. I am not prescribing the following for you, but one thing I know that has worked for me in regard to over heating is having cold drinking water readily available. I do well with a wet cloth wrapped around my neck, too. I bought a cooling vest that keeps my trunk cool for a lot longer than usual in the Texas heat. I just keep it in the fridge when not wearing it. I imagine it looks less than fashionable but since it helps me stay on my bike and keeps me working in the yard, then so be it! You may have already done so, but please be sure to mention your symptoms to your doctor in case they are caused by something other than the heat. Best wishes, Lorraine, moderator

    1. Thanks for your ideas! I did mention it to my PD doctor but he had no specific recommendations. I’ll give these a try.

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