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High drama movies and tremors ?

I have tremors and they seem to relax when I am relaxed. When I watch a high impact drama or adventure movie my tremors increase. Specific scenes amplify my tremors as well. Is there an adrenaline component here? Is anyone else experiencing this? Am I going to have to watch happy love stories or musicals only for the rest of my days.? Lol.

  1. Hi @Jeff t, you ask a really good question. While I'm not experiencing tremors, I"m hoping other members will share their experience. The article linked here does say, " The tremor may [be] worsened during times of high physical or emotional stress." Tremors or not, my wife frequently wants me to watch the Hallmark channel with her so I empathize with that part of your post. Take Care, Rob Hunt,, Team Member

    1. hi Robert: thanks for the reply and link. On occasion, I too am subjected the Hallmark channel. I work hard at trying to associate the tremors with the input happening at the time. Since I was diagnosed, I end up analyzing everything that could possibly affect the tremors. Hmmm, another possible forum post.
      Stay well, stay strong.

  2. Tremors were my second indication that something wasn’t right. Five years ago I had to deal with a high stress situation. My left arm was uncontrollable. And a year or so later, another, this time worse.
    I was officially diagnosed two and a half years ago, after it became obvious that the medication was helping my left side rigidity and motor function. Until then, I didn’t have tremors unless I was stressed.
    Fast forward to several months back. I noticed a faint tremor while watching an exciting movie... I thought the meds were wearing off. Then, occasionally while at rest. Now, almost guaranteed. I was referred to a neurosurgeon a while ago, and went to the DBS clinic yesterday for my first appointment. Without medication. I was shocked at how it had crept up.

    Anyway, long story short, yes...

    1. Hi Jeff! My brother has also tremors and I have noticed that when he is watching high action movies, his tremors tend to increase than normal. Anything which excites him such as games, movies, etc, they all have similar effect.

      1. Hello, I can empathize. I also have increased tremors sometimes during a simple conversation. During the conversation, I sometimes have to put my left hand in my pocket or cradle it in my right hand. It’s momentary so I deal with it. My helpmate notices it and try’s to assist and calm me down.

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