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Family life and Parkinson’s disease

I have PD and it is getting very hard. The emotions, depression , anxiety and pain is hard enough to deal with. But it is really causing a lot of problems at home. I feel a great decline in my 38 year marriage and I don’t feel as if my wife cares if we stay together or not. I am at the end of my rope and feel as if I am failing. This only causes my depression to get worse. I don’t know where to go from here. I wish it was just all over.

  1. Hi. I'm new to the forum and really felt like I had to reply. Im 39 and live at home with my parents. My father has parkinsons, he was diagnosed about 14 yrs ago. They converted their house into two flats so my husband two children and I live above them. One thing I would like you to understand is just how hard living with someone with pd can be (please don't think I am minimising how hard it is for you). I can only speak from my experience of living with my dad but as pd progresses it can make the sufferer loose ALL empathy for those around them. That combined with some impulse control issues can make it hard to be the carer for a sufferer. My dad has no idea how his actions affect others. He is known for bringing home bikes to fix, we are currently up to 12. None of them ever get fixed there are just bits of bikes all over the garden we share but can't use for fear of getting hurt. He constantly drills, screws, paints and hammers everything whether it is his or not and this results in things getting ruined. He also steals money and objects from us all without a second thought. These only scratch the surface but imagine living with someone who constantly steals from you damages everything and then claims you never told them that the thing they have damaged isn't theirs or that you didn't want that screw to there or sold from under you. My dad doesn't seem to realise everyone suffers in their own way when someone has pd. Maybe talk to her about what her daily life is like as all the little things can build up into resentment.

    1. I re-read your comments, Dollar.Fingers. You probably have done so already, but have you considered speaking to his Neurologist regarding the possibility of a cognitive impairment beginning? There are Neuro-psychologists who can test for the beginnings of mild cognitive impairment, dementia, etc. Good luck, Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

    2. sorry, but your comments don’t help much, I done and tried everything I can. I guess that sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and accept the heartbreak. Well, I am just tired of being on the bottom

  2. Thank you for your comment. I am so sorry that you are suffering. You may have already spoken to your doctor, psychologist or social services about your situation? Please don’t think of giving! You are still a person who deserves to live! Let’s keep in touch. Let me know how things are going. With caring,
    Marc M., Moderator, Parkinson’s

    1. Td121,
      This condition can be a ‘bitch’. Reaching out takes courage and it will help you to cope. I agree with my friend Marc and suggest you contact your Doctor or other Social Service professionals.
      Don’t give up. Realize how important you are to others in the PwP community. You are an important part of our Journey. You are in my prayers, Blessings, Mike

      1. Hi , thank you for being so opened and sharing with us. Nothing about living with Parkinson's is easy. I am so sorry to hear that you don't have the support system you'd like to have at home. I wanted to echo some of the advice some other members have shared. Have you considered a counselor or therapist could really help with these types of situations. - Jada ( team member)

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