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Ever Hopeful For Recovery

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in Jan. of 2018. My symptoms seem to come and go, and include mostly a mild to moderate tremor in my right arm, leg stiffness, some balance issues, and very occasionally tremors to other parts of my body, not severe.

I believe my symptoms started after going to a doctor who put me on bp meds, but all the wrong ones. Before going to her I had no balance issues or tremors. A neurologist dx me with PD and put me on Sinemet.

From time to time I research much about PD and know that the medication alone is not the answer to dealing with this. There are exercises (Tai Chi and Qigong) and others, supplements, foods and teas.

I really believe there's a cure for most everything (yeah, I know what they say about PD), and I believe the answer is in nutrition. But they don't want us to know that because it cuts their profits.

  1. I am hopeful that all the research that is going on results in a cure. Until then I take my meds and exercise. I see a neurologist and a movement disorder specialist and appreciate having the insights from both of them. If you have not already done so, maybe you would benefit from seeing a second neurologist or MDS to discuss your diagnosis. Best wishes, Lorraine, moderator

    1. Thanks for your reply, and it is possible I may see a second neurologist or MDS. I take medicine and do exercises too, recently I ordered a book called "Goodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life", and am looking forward to advice in it. Do the doctors you see ever talk to you about nutrition?

      Years ago I read an article about a doctor who had terminal cancer, and he said a couple of "hippies" told him what to eat to get rid of it. He did so and got rid of the cancer. I believe nutrition is the key to Parkinson's as well.

      Good luck in your journey with it.

    2. There are many interesting research articles on Parkinson’s and nutrition. You might like some available through Several of my friends are registered dietitians so I am fortunate to get answers when I need them. My diet, like my exercise, is changing as I go. Have you seen any of the YouTube videos featuring Casey Farlow, “The Brain Dietitian?” There are many others, too, but after reading your posts, I think you might like starting with her videos. Best wishes, Lorraine, moderator

  2. My doctor referred me to a nutrition who was somewhat helpful.
    I also participate in a "Delay the Disease" which has been extremely helpful. It is based in Ohio but is a nationwide program. Perhaps there is one near you. Here is their website:

    1. I am glad you visited with a nutritionist and find participating in Delay the Disease helpful. I have heard of it and will look into it. I don’t know if you are interested but you might inquire about an online nutrition study being done at Kansas State University this fall. The contact person is Priscilla Brenes at ~Lorraine, moderator

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