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Early Onset and issues

We just got the diagnosis of Parkinson's with dementia. Sadly it took 10 years to get it due to his age. They now think at least 15 years that he has had it. It was very frustrating as we seen multiple specialists and all dismissed Parkinsons due to his age.
Has anyone else had issues with getting a diagnosis? Lately he has a lot of issues with food? Taste and smell turn his stomach. Any tips?

  1. Hi Glotown7895, My husband has, as the last time we saw the specialist she said she wasn't sure whether he had it or something else! When we both had heart attacks a day apart from one another and we both needed stents David got very confused! Then went through the confusion again when they had to put another two stents! Then in December he had a stroke then in January he had a left subdural haematoma! David speach has been affected by both it and the Parkinson's!
    They also think he has been having seizures and so they put him on medication for it! But the medication had side effects!
    David put things in different places, face washers as hand towels, tea towels as hand towels, bath towels in different places, loses his mobile phone, and has trouble doing buttons up, putting things in the microwave and trying to set the time for cooking something in the microwave! David can't say what he is trying to say as the words are just not there for him!

    1. Ty. My husband has trouble finding his words, loses time, confusion and easily upsets when he can't do what he knows and used to do all the time. We are trying to get our arms around the diagnosis and what to expect in the future. Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated.

    2. , My husband has the same thing trouble finding his words, loses time, confusion and easily upsets when he can't do what he knows and used to do all the time! David gets depressed, has mood changes that can make him angry(which can be caused by the medication Keppra for seizures which they are weaning David off, of to a new medication over this week and next! ) suicidal at times and puts himself down because of his speech problems being hard to understand at times! David said that people talk down to him and treat him like he is a dumb idiot! I reassure David that he isn't and I would not stand for anyone treating him that way! I don't think of us know what to expect down the journey of our PD!

  2. , sorry my husbands wouldn't be early onset Parkinson's as his was first diagnosed in August 2019 but the specialist isn't sure at the moment! Mine was ?Parkinson's in January 2019 and diagnosed in February 2019 I was 61 at the time!

    1. Ty for sharing.

  3. Hi , I can imagine how frustrating it has been to get this diagnosis after so many years. I found an article that discusses olfactory & gustatory hallucinations:
    Loss of smell is also something that can be experienced: I encourage you to discuss these issues with his doctors as they can offer suggestions on how to best handle these symptoms. Best wishes, April - Team

    1. Ty. We have reached out to his specialist and are awaiting a response.

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