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Does anyone experience akathisia due Parkinsons?

I was diagnosed last year with akathisia (diagnosed with PD in 2015, but had it since 2012. Other than fatigue, this has been the worst and most prominent of my symptoms. I recently read that B6 will help. I thought it was anxiety; it just causes it. I don't want to have to increase my C/L dosage. I did that already and that took awhile to get over the side effects. Does anyone else have akathisia?

  1. Hi - How have you been feeling recently? Have you noticed any changes in your akathisia? I can imagine how uncomfortable that is for you and am sending warm thoughts. Posy mentions in a few of their posts that they have experienced akathisia, I linked some below. Although it's not the main focus of the article, I hope it helps knowing others have experienced this too. <3 - Best, Lauren ( Team)

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