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Do I have PD?

My father was diagnosed at 45 and passed away at 60, that was 22 yrs ago. I am 57 yr old female and started with tremors on right side from arm, hand, whole leg and foot but only right side in March. I had MRI of brain, neck, ultrasound of carotid, blood work and all comes back normal so they don't know what the tremors are from. They are not constant but enough to be worrisome and I just keep thinking its the start of PD since my dad had it. Any ideas?

  1. Realtor22, I cannot diagnose you with Parkinson's Disease, but given your family history and your symptoms, you should definitely see a Neurologist or a Movement Disorders Specialist (a Neurologist who specializes in PD). Check out our guide to Symptoms I hope that this answers your questions and wishing you all the best. Sharon Krischer, Moderator,

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