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I am a 44 year old male who has been experiencing slight hand tremors in both hands but left is more prominent. Legs have slight tremors and feel weak when I walk. When I sit I have to move my legs or clench the muscles in legs and feet for some unknown reason. Experienced doctor has been informed of all of this along with increased urination. Have been seeing her for two and a half years. She has diagnosed me with a benign tremor. Problem is I'm on a host of medications she says is at the root of the other symptoms. Medications include Risperidone, lithium, extremely high dose of sertraline for OCD and gabapentin as well as amlodipine for blood pressure. Lithium and risperidone I've been on for a few years but risperidone dose was raised two years ago and symptoms have worsened since then. I'm just so worried it's Parkinson's even though the risperidone can cause some of my symptoms but not all at least from what I've read on the net. I am on a lower dose of risperidone and a few of the symptoms have lessened but I can't stop these meds unfortunately. The other problem is I do a lot of self diagnosing on the net although I feel I'm looking at legit sites. Anyone else have any insight?

  1. Hi , we can understand being concerned about the symptoms you are experiencing. Self diagnosing on the internet can turn into a rabbit hole of self-diagnosis. As many medical conditions can have multiple overlapping symptoms. If you are concerned about it being Parkinson's you could seek out another doctor's opinion, including a specialist. You mentioned medication potentially causing some of your symptoms, so I included an article on medication-induced tremor, just in case it may be of interest - Also, included a link to symptoms commonly associated with PD - Lastly, I included information on diagnosing PD - I hope this information is helpful. Wishing you well. -Jessica, PD Team Member

    1. another question my neurologist who specializes in pd and movement disorders told me they can't make a diagnosis either way because I am on an antipsychotic that affects dopamine. This has put my in a bad situation. Prior to using this medication I could barely cope with my OCD. I barely left the house and was only working part time. I was on other medications and seeing a therapist. Then I started the risperidone and within a week I felt better. Since then I have a full time job again rarely have any compulsions due to my triggers and go out whenever I want. In essence I don't want to go back to my old life but I also need to know if my symptoms are solely due to the effects of the drug or not. I just find it hard to believe that the thousands of people who are diagnosed with pd every year and none are on antipsychotics like risperidone. I just don't know what to do. I have a very small support network which essentially includes my mother and best friend but I don't want to burden them.

  2. I was diagnosed with essential tremor to begin with. A DAT scan confirmed that it was actually Parkinsons.

    1. my doc has mentioned that but she also said the drug I am on is a dopamine antagonist and while I'm on it they can't make a diagnosis either way and unfortunately the drug helps me live a normal for the first time in over 20 years.

  3. Go to a neurologist, but not any neurologist, one who specializes in PD with a great reputation. I didn't initially, and my diagnosis was delayed with 1 yr.

    1. , a movement disorder neurologist referral may be a good choice for a PD diagnosis. Best, Marc M., Moderator,

  4. Yes, that's it.

    1. that's what my doctor is. She is a neurologist speclizing in movement disorders. She specializes in pd.

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