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New there. Still in denial and scared. Have all the symptoms. Need support.

  1. Hi RHYDEN77. When were you diagnosed? It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and in denial. You’ve had a big, unexpected change in your life. The best pieces of advice I can offer after 17 years of having PD are 1. Do not Google anything! Please read information on reputable sites such as, Michael J.Fox Foundation and the Parkinson’s Foundation. 2. There is no magic cure. There is so much promising research going on but don’t let anyone talk you in to something before speaking to your doctor. 3. Find a Movement Disorder Specialist. They are highly trained Neurologists that specialize in Parkinson’s. You can find one here
    4. Don’t panic. Life with Parkinson’s is manageable. 5. Find a therapist (very important). They will help you work through the stages of grief and provide an outlet for you. You can find one here
    I hope this helps. Regards, Kelly, Team Member

    1. Thank you for you comments,Kelly. Your information is 100% correct! Keep up the great comments. Regards,
      Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

  2. Hi RHYDEN77,

    to follow-up on what Kelly said, all of her advice is on-target, absolutely!

    Learn about Parkinson's in-general and then compare it to your own symptoms. We are all uniquely different in how we have Parkinson's, yet we're united as well. The more you understand your own disorder, the better you can discuss it with your Neurologist, therapist, the social worker at your clinic.

    We all felt the way you do right now upon receiving this diagnosis. It is good you found this network, it is truly an amazing and supportive site.

    Stay active, and follow Kelly's suggestions. Best wishes, Frank Team Member

    1. Hi RHYDEN77!

      Kelly and Frank are so right! It is only natural to be concerned, at first with this diagnosis of Parkinson's. I have been living with it for over 30 years. I was 17 when I noticed my first symptom but had to wait to be 23 before I could get a diagnosis. I am almost 53 and can say life is still very good! I have found that staying active and exercising (Rock Steady Boxing) can be very helpful for so many reasons: I am stronger and fitter than I have been in years. It is really enjoyable, social, and everyone looks out for the other. We are like moving support group.

      Do something that still brings you pleasure, like drawing, photography, making or listening to music, or just reading a good book. Don't stop doing something that you enjoy or find a new passion that you can do.

      It is so important to keep positive and lower your stress level. Try massage, meditation, reiki, yoga, or qui gong to reduce stress. If you can lower your stress, you may very well notice that your symptoms are reduced--it works for me. Keep your mind active, your body fit, and your spirit/attitude positive--you'll be so surprised how they all balance each other out.

      Be Well, Karl Team Member

      1. D-Nile, not just a river in Egypt. This is a trait exhibited by people with Parkinson’s and other life long diseases. I have found that acceptance is preferred
        for me. With God at my side I must wage a war versus this disease. Thanks to my fellows at Parkinson’s, my medical professionals, LSVT and my wife I will not beat this disease but I can manage it.

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