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Dads Inappropriate social behaviour.

I need some helpful suggestions. Dad was diagnosed about 15 yrs ago and his impulse control has recently all but disappeared. He has now started wandering in strangers gardens, rummaging through skips and recently just wandered into an aquaintants house and into her sitting room unannounced. He has followed people home before and been found in the hallway of their flats but this time he wandered into their back garden and into their house without knocking. Has anyone else experienced this sort of behaviour? Have tried explaining that it's not on but he doesn't seem to be taking it in.

  1. Hi, my husband was diagnosed almost five years and definitely had PD for a number of years before that. Unfortunately, I noticed during COVID lockdown, I’m in Ireland, he began to suffer from an ICD - hyper sexuality. It was awful and I came close to a breakdown because of it. I mentioned it to his specialist and he has been referred to a psychiatrist who specialises in ICD’s and Parkinson’s. We still haven’t had the appointment but I have had to speak truthfully to him that this behaviour is not acceptable - I’m am seventy. He began by saying it was enjoyable but I explained it wasn’t for me. I think ICD’s are ignored somewhat by the specialists but they can cause such damage in a relationship or like you in a family

    1. Hi , I'm so glad you're getting help. There are numerous treatment options for impulsivity and I hope one for your husband is found soon. I agree with you, that doctors should warn people about impulsive behavior as a possible side effect of certain medications. Especially since Impulsivity or compulsive behavior is more difficult to recognize than physical symptoms. Although mentioned in the patient information sheets that sometimes are handed out with medication that doesn't explain what impulsivity is and how to spot it. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you'll keep us posted. Warm regards, Rob Hunt, Community Advocate,

    2. Hi @Trisha70, Thank you for the update. I hope everything continues to go well. Hoping too for a positive outcome. Warm Regards, Rob Hunt, Community Advocate,

  2. Hi Dollar Fingers, As you are aware, your dad's behavior with impulse control can be dangerous for himself and others. Have you considered putting an alarm on the doorway to alert you when he goes outside? Or maybe put locks high up on the doorway so he cannot open it. In addition, could he have a person with him when he goes outside? Regards, Marc M., ParkinsonsDisease.Net, Moderator

    1. Hi Dollar Fingers, As Marc told you, keeping your dad safe is a priority for those with PD/dementia. My father is 87 and has wandered off a few times as he is still physically able. Our community offers a tracking device for those with dementia, autism etc. May be see if you can get this for your dad. It fits on my father's wrist like a "watch" as we call it. It has a radio-active device to track him anywhere he might wander. I agree with Marc that an alarm system would be the best choice. However, my mom who is the primary care partner for dad, preferred not to have an alarm on the door for all the caregivers etc. coming and going. But definitely finding something to keep your dad safe is the #1 thing to do. Here is an article to further explain some of the non-motor behaviors that might go with PD:

      Let us know if we can help you in any other way.
      Blessings on your day, Suzanne Troy, member

      1. Hi Dollar.fingers. It has been a while since we heard from you. How are you and your father doing these days in regard to the impulse control situation? Have you spoken with his psychologist or his physician? If you need us for anything or just want to talk, remember we are here. We care! Best, Marc M., Moderator,

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